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Spring Recital Info

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Spring Recitals 2019

Please provide your student's information, and choose a recital date! Each date is limited to 30 students.

Once a date is filled, students must choose another day to perform.

Students participate in ONE recital each!

Recital Dates:

Thursday, May 16th 6:00pm

{Special Youth Choir Performance!}

Friday, May 17th 6:00pm

Saturday, May 18th - 4:00pm

Location: Christian Heritage Church
Recitals last about an hour each. Students must arrive 30 minutes early.

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Student Name *
Student Name
Some names are tricky and we want to get it right. Please type a phonetic version of your name for us. Example: Metzger is pronounced "mets-gurr" This will help clear up any confusion we have. Thanks!
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Parent Name
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Please select the day and time you wish for your student to perform. Please make a note for your records. There are TWO Saturday times, please be sure to select the correct time that works with your schedule.