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Is My Child To Young To Start Music Lessons?

Is My Child Too Young To Learn?


Is there really such a thing as too young?

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A very common question in the minds of parents and guardians is the question of an ideal age in which a child should start music lessons (if at all). The education system has provided a clear timeline in which people can grow at a steady pace academically; however, private music lessons are not required like grade school academics are. We know that Kindergarteners are not going to be learning calculus, and we would never throw them into a calculus course. Some parents may worry that their child would feel overwhelmed starting music lessons at an early age, thinking that private lessons are too "mature" a thing for their child. We see that nightmarish drill sergeant of a music teacher on a movie and think, "I would never put my child in that position!" Rightly so, you shouldn't. There is, though, such a thing as a private lesson experience that would only help a young person, and help them to become more confident, well-rounded and successful. Music is supposed to be enjoyable, and far from overwhelming.


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If you asked one hundred people who took music lessons at a young age about their opinion on the experience, you would likely get mixed reviews. You would have, on one hand, the people who did not enjoy them at all, and dreaded going to the lessons. They were not motivated, they did not learn much, and they would not recommend them. On the other hand, you have the people that may (or may not) still play their instrument, as a hobby or more than a hobby, and had a positive experience with their lessons. They will tell you that their music lessons impacted their character, their outlook on life, and their reaction to different situations. Statistically, music lessons positively influence success in academic subjects as a person works towards an education. We've all read about the positive impacts that music lessons can have on people, but if these testimonies are true, then why are there so many bad reviews out there, as well? The answer to that is that not all music lessons are created equal. So how do you find the right fit for your child? Well, that will take some research (fun, right?); however, the search is worth it! In short, this research is similar to what you would do in choosing any other kind of service. Look up reviews, ask your community, and visit different music lesson studios to meet instructors.

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