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How To Find The "Right" Teacher

How To Find The "Right" Teacher



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In any craft, it is important to learn the subject well. In most cases, progression in a skill is quickened by the involvement of a good teacher. If you find a good instructor, you will usually avoid bad habits, progress faster, learn crucial technique, and create a really solid foundation for your career in a field. It is common to find a decent number of instructors in any given area, however, not just any instructor is a good fit. There is rarely a "one size fits all" option when it comes to learning a new craft; only the most gifted of teachers fit that description.


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What makes a good teacher?

There are some teachers that can take almost any student, and help them flourish. Learning music is incredibly similar to learning a new language, so you want to find someone that can "speak" well in the area of music. Finding a dictionary filled with words you've never seen is never the best approach to learning a new language. Similarly, you may not know where to start when learning how to play music, and this is where a good teacher comes in. It is not enough to simply be a good musician, a good teacher has to connect with the student. They must be compassionate, encouraging, confident and, of course, skilled. There are many musicians who are incredibly skilled, however, they may also be arrogant and intimidating. This kind of attitude will likely make it difficult for a student to progress and gain confidence. You may be able to think back and remember a few teachers, or maybe a single teacher, who you had in high school who invested in you and encouraged you to the point that you would not forget them. A good teacher is memorable, yet humble. The goal for the instructor should be the assistance in the process of a student reaching their potential, not simply obtaining a paycheck. If you want to get the most out of your lessons, you need to find a teacher that truly cares!


How do i find a good teacher?

In today's society, it seems like almost all information is a Google search away! Not all music teachers can be found on the internet; however, instructors with reviews and internet profiles are easier to inspect! Use this to your advantage in finding out who is a reputable, trustworthy teacher. Make phone calls, check out social media, and research as much as you can about individuals who offer music lessons. Feel free to ask the instructor about their experience, and their approach to teaching music. Music theory, ear training, chord knowledge, and technique are valuable skills to learn. Know what you want in a teacher, research as much as you can, and figure out what will be a good fit for you in a teacher.


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Here at The Music Academy, we are committed to providing quality instruction to students of any age. All of our instructors have plenty of experience in their field of music, and are devoted to treating all students with compassion, respect and kindness. In addition to a friendly atmosphere, lessons at The Music Academy cover all areas of music to provide a solid foundation and furtherance of your musical ability.