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Christmas Recital: Sounds of the Season

2019 Spring Recital


Recital is a fun experience for students to share music with their friends and families.  The Music Academy Recitals feature students of all ages and playing abilities.  For some, it is their very first performance, while others are veterans and have been playing in front of others for years. 

Follow these tips to help recital go smoothly for you:

Practice.  Play your recital song every single day.  Play it multiple times a day.  Ask your friends to sit and listen as you play at home.  Put yourself under a little bit of pressure by playing for your immediate family.  This will help when you’re in front of a large group of people.

Dress up.  Wear your Sunday best and feel free to add a festive touch, such as a Christmas bow for girls or a holiday tie for boys (ties and bows are not required).  Most girls will be in dresses and most boys will be wearing collared shirts with dress pants. 

Arrive early.  Students need to arrive 30 minutes before the start time.  Students with string instruments should take their instrument to their instructor for tuning and place the case out of the way.

Bring your book(s).  Even if you have the music memorized, bring it anyway.  Nerves can do crazy things to us and it is best to be prepared just in case.

Bring your instrument. Unless you play piano or drums, you need to bring your instrument.  Be sure you have everything you need to play (violinists: bow, rosin.  Guitarists: picks, strap.  Etc.) before you leave the house.


Frequently asked questions: 

How long is the recital?  Recitals last anywhere between 60-90 minutes.  We try to give each student an ample opportunity to show their hard work while also keeping things moving. 

Who can I invite?  Anyone you want!  We encourage students to invite grandparents, cousins, friends, and anyone they think would love to support them at the recital.

What if I get nervous?  That’s normal!  Everyone is nervous at these events, even your instructor!  Take a few deep breaths and visualize playing to the best of your ability.  When it’s your turn to play, remember to breathe and enjoy the experience!

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