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Am I Too Old To Start Playing Now?

Am I Too Old To Start Playing Now?


The Age old question

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The short answer to the question, "Am I too old to start playing now?" Is that it is never too late to start playing music! Music has no age limit, and nobody should shy away from music lessons because of their age. It's been said hundreds of times, but learning music is extremely similar to learning a new language. As you are moving through life, learning to enjoy new things and acquire new skills, music is one of the most valuable things you can start. Old or young does not matter, what matters is that you start! Few things are as fulfilling as learning to play music, and it is open to anybody, of any background or age. The beautiful thing about music is that it is universal and open to everyone.

Never too late

Learning music is similar to learning most things. It is never too late, unless you believe that it is. Many people have this attitude that they cannot learn, and that will be true as long as the mentality stays that way! It is absolutely possible to learn how to play a musical instrument, but it does take motivation, and of course, work. One huge first step into the world of music is finding a good teacher, and with a good teacher, you will progress much faster than if you were on your own. Lessons will help you to stay motivated, they will challenge you, and they will hopefully help your music career to stay enjoyable! Music is almost always intended to be fun, so make sure to have an optimistic and happy attitude going into your musical endeavors. Learning an instrument should not feel like a chore, and there is no reason to be super hard on yourself if you are not progressing very quickly. Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone moves at a different pace when they start learning an instrument.


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