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2018 Calendar

2018 Schedule

Subject to change.

We’re excited for another year enriching our community through excellent musical instruction.

Students will have regularly scheduled lessons with the exception of the following dates:


December 22nd (2017) – January 7th – Winter Break (No Lessons)

Thursday, January 18th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: I've Always Wanted to Play Guitar* 

             If you have always wanted to play guitar, but did not know where to start or if you wanted to invest in an instrument, this workshop is for you.  Geared toward adults who are curious about what it would take to enjoy playing guitar.  Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

January 14th at 4pm – 100 Days of Practice Party

           This party is open to those who completed the 100 Days of Practice Challenge in 2017.  Location and details TBA to eligible students only. Invitations will be distributed on December 13th.

Thursday, January 25th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: How to Care For & Clean Your Instrument* FREE

             Beginners who are unsure how to properly care for their instrument should attend this FREE workshop.  Learn the techniques you need to know to keep your instrument in great playing condition for a LONG time! Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

Monday, February 5th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: Is My Child Too Young to Start Lessons?* FREE

            The awesome parents of our students usually have a few questions in common.  One question we hear a lot: "Is my child too young to start lessons?" If you are curious and want to find out, this FREE workshop is for you! Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

Monday, February 12th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: Fake It Till You Make It Guitar Tricks*

            Want to learn how to sound pretty cool on guitar, but don't want to get into theory or technique too heavily?  This is your one stop workshop to learn a few tricks to get you playing the songs you want to play without having to read music.  This workshop is geared toward adults who only want to learn very basic guitar.  Must bring guitar.  Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

February 26th – March 2nd – Bring a Friend Week

            Students can bring one friend to sit in with them during their lesson!

March 3rd at 3pm – March Student Showcase

                  Students will perform at our March Showcase at The Music Academy. It will be more informal than a recital, and students will gain invaluable experience!

March 11th – March 17th – Spring Break (No Lessons)

Thursday, March 22nd - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: Worship Guitar* 

             Do you want to make it on the stage with your church's worship team?  Do you dream of playing your favorite worship songs on guitar?  Come to this workshop to learn some great worship music and tips for learning more quickly.  Some musical experience is needed for this workshop. 
Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

March 30th – Good Friday (No Lessons)

Monday, April 9th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: Am I Too Old?*

           Are YOU too old to start learning to play that instrument you've always longed to pick up? Come to this workshop to find out if you still have some time to learn to play beautiful music.  Absolutely no musical experience is required for this workshop.  You will not have to play in front of others.  This will just be a chat and demonstration on what music lessons are like, and whether or not they are for YOU! 
Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

April 16th through April 20th – Bring a Parent Week

                  Students can bring a parent or grandparent to sit in with them during their lesson!

Thursday, May 10th - 5:30pm *Special Workshop: I Used To Play Guitar*

           You played guitar in the past but haven't played in years and you miss it, right?  Then this is the workshop for you.  Dust off the old guitar and give it another go! Call or email for more information: 386-438-5912

May: Spring Recitals

            We are planning to have 4 recital sessions.  Students choose from the list of dates.  Each student performs in only one recital.  Each recital is limited to 30 students maximum.

May 28th – Memorial Day (No Lessons)

June 1st – Last Day of Spring Semester

June 4th – First Day of Summer Lessons


Tuition is due the first lesson of each month.


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” –Plato