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100 DOP Guidelines



Challenge: Practice your instrument 100 days in a row (consecutively, with no breaks).

Reward: Become much better at playing your instrument.  Receive prizes on days 10, 25, 50, 75, & 100.  Get invited to an exciting party with food, games & FUN galore!!!


Instructions: Practice your instrument every single day for 100 days in a row (consecutively, with no breaks).  Write down your practice days & times on the practice calendar.  Have your parent sign off on your practice days & times.  Bring your practice calendar to each lesson. Don’t miss a day! If you miss one single day you are out!!!  Aim for at least 15 minutes per day but
5 minutes of practice is still practice!


What counts as “practice”?

·       Physically playing the instrument or singing on any exercise or song, including (but not limited to) the assigned material (assigned material should always be practiced first).

·       Flash cards.

·       Theory work.

·       Notespeller work.

·       Performing in front of friends, family, or anyone else.

·       Phone Apps that count only on days when playing the instrument is IMPOSSIBLE: please visit our apps page here.


What does NOT count as “practice”?

·       “Tinkering” on your instrument or humming a song.

·       Looking at your books but not playing or singing anything.

·       Thinking about playing or singing, but not actually doing it.

·       Coming up with excuses for why you couldn’t practice.

·       Playing a video game that uses pretend musical instruments.


Start Date: Tue, September 5th                       

End: Wed, December 13th                    

Party Date: TBA (January 2018)