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100 Days of Practice

100 Days of Practice Challenge

starts September 5th

Practice 100 days in a row. Play your instrument every single day from
September 5th until December 13th. Don't miss a single day

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If you do not miss a single day practicing, you will be given the opportunity to win amazing prizes on the 10th, 25th, 50th, and 75th days. On the 100th day you will be invited to an AWESOME party to celebrate with all the other challengers!


As always, there will be some guidelines for this challenge. These are in place to help you succeed in the 100 days of practice challenge. These will also assure that you will be honest and trustworthy during the challenge. To view the guidelines please click the button below.


Linked below is a list of applications you may use when practicing your instrument is IMPOSSIBLE. These apps are only to be used when you are not available to practice your instrument.


Keeping Practice Interesting

Practice should be challenging and somewhat difficult but should not become boring. here are some tips to keep practice interesting and fun!

  • Set a goal for yourself. It is a good idea to set micro goals for each lesson, this can be as simple as playing a hard song a few more times than usual. Then you can set a short term goal each week, this one should be harder than a micro goal but not hard enough that you can't do it in a week. Lastly you should set longterm goals, like learning to play a new song. 
  • It is easy to set a goal of playing a hard song during practice, but this can make practice dull, boring, or too hard all together. You should play a fun song you are already very good at to get the practice off to a good start. Then once you are warmed up and ready to play, you can move onto a hard song that will challenge you and advance your skills. Once you are done practicing the hard song you can move back to an easy and fun song to finish practice with a good attitude and a want to come back.
  • Have someone keep you accountable for your practice. It can be mom or dad, brothers or sisters, really anyone as long as they ask if you have practiced today and keep you on track.
  • Don't burn yourself out, don't let a song get you down or frustrate you too much. If you are having a stroke of inspiration, by all means play as much as you want. But if it's just not your day, don't push too hard and over do it. this does not mean to give up when it gets hard, this means that when you feel an unhealthy relationship with your instrument start to form, give it a rest and maybe try an easier song or take a 5 minute breather. Just don't leave practice frustrated.
  • Practice can become dull or boring, but a good way to make practice more enjoyable is with a few games that enhance your practice and build your skills. This is not an excuse for you to play games instead of practice, but to use them before or after practice to make your experience more enjoyable without sacrificing any practice time. You can visit our apps page here to see a few we have picked out.

Weekly Themes

  • Theme one ~ Days 1 - 12: Focus on Listening: Record yourself. During week one you should record yourself playing a song during practice and listen to your playing. Reviewing your practice not only helps you see where you made mistakes but also will help you see how far you will have come once you've finished 100 days of practice.
  • Theme two ~ Days 13 - 26: Focus on Rhythm: Tap the rhythm of every song. In week two we will be working on rhythm and a good way to do this is to tap the rhythm or beat of a song you know well. Listen to the song and tap it out with pencils on a table or just clap. Feel the beat of the music and listen to each note.
  • Theme three ~ Days 27 - 40: Focus on Memory: Memorize at least one song. Memorization is key when learning a new song, it takes hours of practicing to perfect a song. One good way to help with that is to memorize the music.
  • Theme four ~ Days 41- 54: Watching videos of masterful musicians not only helps you see how you should play but it gives you a goal to work toward. It shows you what the finished product looks like and gives you helpful tips on correct posture, dynamics, and sound. Check out our playlist of wonderful videos to watch here!
  • Theme five ~ Days 55 - 68: Focus on Composers: Learn about a composer. Do you have a favorite composer? I'm sure you do, everyone does! This week you'll learn about your favorite, or a new, composer and work them into your practice.
  • Theme six ~ Days 69 - 82: Become the Composer: Write your own song. Time to make your own music, write the notes, write the lyrics, and play on! Its a good way to test the knowledge of music that you have acquired and it really opens up your creative side to make your own song.
  • Theme seven ~ Days 83 - 96: Focus on Note Reading: Sight read new music. find a new song that you've never played before and play through the song only by reading the notes for the first time. This test your ability to read music on the fly and gets you ready to play anything anytime.
  • Theme eight ~ Days 97 - 100: Focus on Listening: Record yourself. This last week you will record yourself and compare it to the first week of 100 days of practice. have you improved? how so? If you haven't missed any days you should be bounds ahead of your week one self.